Import Services

Ex-suppliers Door and Routing-Order Import

For EX Factory and F.O.B terms we could set up an offer meets your satisfaction.Then pick up the freight at your supplier door up to nearest Int'l Aiport / Port at origin then dispatch it out to final destination.This is what called in Import Industry (routing Order).You will be updated where your shipment is on every step in the way.When you compare your direct suppliers offers so you will get how BAF International looking for saving your money.


Consolidation and Group age

BAF International can pick up, warehouse, and consolidate all your orders and freight at our terminals in the major cities and then ship them to any point in the world. If you require customs clearance, only we can clear your shipments on –time, just when you need it.




Incoming Door to Door

The best BAF International could offer.BAF International will handle your goods from origin to destination.Set up proper documents then arrange for shipping to you.Deliver it right at your door.All these services cost are included in only one invoice to simplify your purchasing and financial requirements.



Legalization and Consular Services

BAF International is not ONLY Forwarder , but also Client Consultant.When you need legalization just ask BAF International and they would do it for any supplier all over the world.