Export Services

BAF International offer the following Services:

Door To Door :
From pick –up to document preparation, from customs clearance to door delivery, this comprehensive service is designed to meet your distribution needs anywhere in the world. With our global network of offices and service partners we make it easy for you.



Door To Port / AirPort:
BAF International will pick up the shipment at your door, whether a factory or home address, deliver it to the nearest airport, perform the necessary export customs formalities .



Port / Air Port To Air Port :
We will handle your shipment from nearest Perhaps you already have a way to get your goods to the airport. With BAF International, we will handle your shipment from the airport nearest to you up to the destination of your choice.



AirPort To Door :
If you have your own customs broker at the airport, then we can simply handle the air shipping for you. Upon receipt of shipment from your broker , we will prepare the airway bill and necessary documentation and fly its destination. Upon arrival, our office or services partner will clear customs and deliver your goods to the door of your consignee or client. Customs duties will be charged upon delivery to your consignee.


Ad hoc/ Spot Rate :
When you have large or bulk shipment BAF International will be ready to offer you special rate suits your volume along with confirmed booking through their strong relations and long experience with first class airlines . It's not something to worry about …. Just leave it to BAF International .



Chartered Aircraft:
Urgent shipment = Quick Move. No matter the volume , No matter the destination . You will get your booking on time through chartered aircraft and BAF International.