WareHousing and Storage Services

In BAF International we have variety of Storage Solutions that can guarantee you the best quality in the field, whatever you need to store we provide for your business the solutions you need,whether you are seeking a warehousing service for your start-up company, warehousing and storage to handle overflow inventory, or simply want to convert your fixed warehousing facilities costs into variable costs, or you want to add value to your products before distributed  locally or exported abroad  BAF International  is your solution.

With long period  of consolidation and  supply chain inventory management experience, we can solve any warehousing problem.

Our warehousing facilities are designed to be flexible, and can handle storage needs from a single pallet of small electronics to thousands of square feet of storage space for industrial equipment.

We are the ideal solution for short-term storage needs, such as for stock for special promotions. If you are outgrowing your warehouse and need additional space, we can accommodate you and can provide increased storage space as your needs grow. You pay only for the  warehousing and storage services you use for the length of time that you use them.

If you want to reduce your warehousing and storage costs, outsource your warehousing to BAF International. We can convert your fixed costs to variable costs.

BAF International  can serve any or every phase of your warehousing and storage needs flexibly and economically. To learn more about how our services can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to call our staff in charge any time .